A Sigh of Relief

After what seemed like days of waiting.. she's out of surgery. 

We met with the surgeon, who gleefully (and quite boastfully) informed us that he was able to remove the primary tumor along with the left adrenal gland (hey, she has 2 after all..). With her liver being the size that it is, the procedure was a bit tricky, but he didn't want to leave empty handed and pushed through to get the tumor. For good measure, he also took a liver biopsy (overachiever). 

The Broviac was installed without issue, and the bone marrow aspiration was completed as well.

She needed a small transfusion, about 2oz of blood. So far, she's taken it like a champ -- no adverse reactions. All in all, the surgery was a resounding success. 

She's still heavily sedated, and is now on a ventilator. They anticipate the additional swelling from the surgery will cause compression on her lungs, causing discomfort. They've assured us that she's not in respiratory distress; that the ventilator is strictly for her comfort and will be removed in due time. 

I'll admit, I was (and still sort of am) a nervous wreck during this 2 hour period. My mind running rampant with the many possible outcomes. My wife handled it a bit better than me, keeping busy with some work on her laptop to try and stay focused on something, hell anything, other than the passing time.

Looks like we're going to be spending some time in PICU. I can't wait to see my little trooper. I'm so proud of her.
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