Waiting is the Hardest Part

It's time.

We've given our sweet princess over to the surgical staff who will begin immediately. The surgery is scheduled to take about 2 hours, all of which Alyssa will be under general anesthesia.

The goals, in order:

  1. Biopsy the primary tumor if possible, if not, biopsy the liver and hope we get enough cells to send for pathology.
  2. Remove the primary tumor from the left adrenal gland
  3. Install Broviac
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

Ok, so I made up 4 and 5. But that's pretty much the gist of it. We have the utmost faith in the surgical team here at APH, so it's in their hands now.

They keep reminding us that this is an open-biopsy; that the incision will be basically from hip-to-hip. Oddly, this doesn't really bother me -- provided they can get out what they need. This will just provide the context for the future talk we'll have to have with Alyssa -- one day she'll be curious as to why she has this faint scar on her abdomen.. I look forward to that day.
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