Well, It's Better Than 2%.. Right?

So the results of the bone marrow aspiration came back.. 1% of total nucleated cells identified as malignant. Not exactly the results we were hoping for, but it (obviously) could be much worse.

According to our oncologist, this doesn't change our current course of treatment. The current COG protocol we're following should address the cancer in the bone marrow as well. We'll perform a follow-up aspiration once we've completed a couple cycles of chemo, to see where we stand.

For what it's worth, no one (except my wife and I) seemed surprised as to the results. It appears to almost have been expected. So, there's that.

Aside from all of that, Alyssa is still sedated and we're still in PICU. A preliminary X-ray shows that due to (post-surgical?) swelling, her liver is encroaching upon her diaphragm, which in turn, is slightly compressing her left lung. It's not collapsed, but if she was to be taken off the ventilator now there would be significant discomfort for her. So, until the swelling goes down, she'll remain on the ventilator.

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